Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunflower Seeds Planted!


Quacker and his Ladies
The resident rooster 'Friend' and a hen

Today we planted sunflower seeds, 8-10 foot sunflowers! We have had these before and they are amazing.  Also did some work in the veggie garden, just some clean up and got out the fencing for the sugar snap peas, yummy, can't wait to plant these. We got the water barrel in the chicken pen moved and a nesting box set up for more places for the hens to lay eggs.  It got up into the 60's today and mid day was nice and warm. 

In bloom today:  nandina

You can't really see them
but there are radishes popping up

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday in the Garden!





Today we we're able to get outside, lots of sunshine and a warm 50 degrees, at least for a few hours.  The radishes planted two weeks ago are up and look good.  The spinach has started to come up also.  The flower gardens around the cabin look really good, the weeds have not started to grow and we have been keeping up with our weeding program.  It was decided that we would removed one clump of grass from the flower bed each day.  We weeded the quince and it looks GREAT! 


What is blooming now: early daffodils and crocus

We counted 60 hens today, they were beautiful out free ranging in the yard.  The egg count has gone up from 8 a day to 11 eggs a day.  The hens are happy and ready for spring!