Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The first tomato and the Chicken Swap!

Where has the time gone?!  So much has happened out in the gardens!  Beautiful gardenias are blooming along with zinnias, petunias, and the daylilies, omg, the daylilies have started to bloom! 

The young hens

growing up fast
The young hens are growing up fast, and are now laying, I have been collecting some small brown eggs the past week. 

The Chicken Swap!

I went to a chicken swap last weekend.  What is a chicken swap you ask?  Approximately 20 people showed up and lined the parking lot of our local feed store and had their boxes, crates and cages with chicks, chickens, turkeys, and some even brought goats!  I took 13   2 1/2 week old chicks and some pickled eggs.  Sold the eggs before I could get my cooler unloaded!  Yippie!  It was sooooo funny, everyone was talking chickens....even had a few folks show me their trick to deciding if the chicks were hens or roosters.  Okay, I did bring home some chicks : )   I sold 5 chicks, bought 2 day old chicks and traded for 3 more, they were soooo cute I couldn't resist....

Happy Dog Barb!

Sissy after a hard day at work...

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