Sunday, October 28, 2012

2012 Review ~ Garden, Food and Pups!

OMG has it been almost a year since I sat down to blog???  We didn't do to much in the garden this year, why you might ask, I'm thinking it's cause I've been feeling better and have been hitting the gym since March.  This means I'm tired, TIRED all the time....I was hoping it would get better but I'm still tired.  Overall I feel much better, but the waking at 5am is kicking my butt by 8pm, LOL.

Here is the 2012 Spring Garden.  We added irrigation this year.

Sugar Snap Peas May 2012

Onions and Radishes May 2012

Squash May 2012

Sugar Snap Peas on right


Overgrown garden

For some reason I have been all about cooking this year!  We have had some scrumptious meals!  Here's a few samples.....

rockfish and crab cakes
stuffed shells

rockfish, crab cakes and periogies
stir fry steak and peppers

spinach and tomato omelet

chicken and peppers with mom's southwestern mac and cheese

bean soup with kielbasa

pork and peppers

steak and sweet potatoes

oven fried chicken and scalloped potatoes

Let's see, what else have I gotten into this year...oh yeah The Egg Place attended a local event for folks selling locally grown/made products.  Here's our table at the Currituck Grown Event

The Egg Place

basket of herbs and fresh cut iris's

chicken and flower photos with fresh lavender sachets for sale, we grew the lavender!  
I love the chicken table cloth!

It got hot this June!  whew....

We did get in some fishing this summer at Avalon Pier

Pixie waiting on Ronnie to come off the pier

Sunrise fishing OBX style - Avalon Pier
Where is he?

Max went fishing too!

Beautiful sunset on the Currituck Sound

Also sold some flowers this summer....

My homemade vases

Zinnias, Black-eyed Susans, Butterfly Bush,
and some greens
Zinnias and Sage

Max (radishes on the right)
Tink hanging by the radishes and garlic

We planted a fall garden and had some help...

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the things we've been up to this year.  Tell me all about your summer!!

Max sportin' his new sweater!

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