Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What a surprise!

These little guys were a pleasant surprise!  Ronnie happened to be talking with someone who mentioned they  had baby bunnies that needed a home, so that Saturday he says let's go I have a surprise!  We visited with our friend and brought home these two cuties!



We have had these little ones about 3 weeks and they are outgrowing their current home, so we put together a new place for them to live.

the new and improved large home

Cotton loves it

so does Spot
 They are so funny, I have been holding them every day to keep them tame and  now they come to the screen a beg to picked up or maybe they just want the yummy stuff I've brought them to snack on....

Do you have bunnies?  What kind of treats do you feed them?


  1. ack so cute!! I wanna snuggle!! My aunt raised rabbits (probably still does) she had these huge hutches on the side of their house. Some of them were for food :( Don't know how she did that but they were farm people and have different ways of thinking of animals.

  2. thank you so much for your comments! as you can tell I've not been active here lately, finding your comments have given me energy to continue to share...